Thursday, August 4, 2011

Make Money With Fans Slave


slave fans are producing programs money by using your facebook. you will be asked to become a fan page and you'll get credit. credit will be exchanged for cash in accordance with the amount of credit you get. the more you become a fan page for your credit the more revenue opportunities as well as your money

follow these steps:
1. To Register click here or click the banner below

2. Please log in to your Fans Slave account 
3. After that log in your facebook 
4. you will be required to connect your facebook with Fans Slave. Please click CONNECT TO    FACEBOOK 
5. The application will ask permission to go into your account. Please click "ALLOW"
6. You will be taken into account fanslave

Up above are finished now you just pay attention to how you are paid by the slave fan

1. Click the link that appears exactly under Earn Credits by Becoming a fan
2. Then you will go to the application on facebook fans page , "LIKE" the pages
3. If you've done the steps above, do not forget to always click "UPDATE" to refresh your account in order earningnya Fan Slave looks to grow
4. Do it every day because there will be a page link that you have to click again every day
5. Accumulation in the form of credit points one click we can be 3 points



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